• Fire Fighting Sprinklers.
  • Floor Drain.
  • Fire Cabinets.
  • Deluge System & Spray Nozzle.
  • FM200, CO2, Inergen & Argon Gas Systems.
  • Fire Pumps.
  • Fire Trace.
  • OS&Y Valves and Gate Valves.
  • Cast iron and Ductile Iron Pipes.
  • Sprinkler Pipes.
  • Complete Foam System Components.
  • Alarm System for Gas System.
  • Grooved Fittings & Malleable Iron Fittings.
  • Oil & Grease Interceptors.

Melton guarantee that all the supplied materials are supported by our complete technical coverage to help you in (How to Submit, How to install & help you in getting approvals from Jurisdiction). 

Melton accepts returning all Non Used Materials provided that they are in the same condition they were sold.

After Sales Service Policy

Responding to our clients’ needs, adding qualitative and quantitative value to infrastructure and contracting services and products.

  • Innovation and Continuous Learning
    Always learning and developing new techniques internally and externally to optimize our services.
  • Results and Accountability
    Delivering measurable results in the contracting and infrastructure to our national economy and our organizations. The company and its members are expected to operate with the highest level of ethics and honesty.
  • Collaboration and Partnering
    Providing opportunities to meet, communicate, collaborate, and partner within the electro-mechanical industry and the business community.